Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance

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A complete lack of humanity. A person who picks on people unable to protect themselves. I hate cruelty of any kind. I was totally unsympathetic to Philip because he was a psychopath. They both had sadistic fathers. It really demonstrated how Anthony was inherently good. Phillip chose the easy path and embraced evil. That depends on the story.

To win a copy of Invitation to Ruin, leave a comment below, telling me your favourite villain and why? Dale Mayer. Dale is definitely a writer-to-watch! Dale, welcome back! Hi everyone! I love to walk the stores at this time of year. The presentation of the chocolates intrigues me. The colors and shapes, the selection — just lovely!

When making the Hitchcock film, Psycho, they used chocolate syrup to represent blood in the famous shower scene.

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance - Nadia Book 11 - Justice

The world consumes close to , tons of cocoa beans a year. Most of these beans come from West Africa. It takes close to of these beans to make 1 pound a chocolate a year. The chocolate beans come from a tree species carrying the genus name of Theobroma — which means Food of the Gods. The Swiss were reputed to be the heaviest consumers of chocolate each year, consuming close to 21 pounds per person per year.

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Religion, Metaphysics, and Mysticism in Wuthering Heights

The snicker bar was named after a pet horse belonging to Frank and Ethel Mars. It first came on the market in So how do you indulge? On occasion — and yes, every day could be considered an occasion in my house. To celebrate? To wallow? With your vitamins? As your dinner? Tell me, what role does chocolate play in your life? Rebecca has a fabulous new vampire series that will be launching with Kensington very soon—soon as in February 22!

Welcome, Rebecca! And congrats on your new release!

Devil Moon

The series features sexy vampires, dangerous shifters and deadly witches. Throw in alpha males, some steamy romance and a deadly virus out to destroy them all, and I think you have a fast-paced, exciting read. I had this scene in my head about a single mom being squired away for safety by an overbearing soldier—kind of a surreal, this is so not happening scene. So I wrote it. Turns out the soldier was a vampire and possibly the destined mate to the single mother.

Though of course, that was a decision they had to make themselves. Maybe fate played a part. Maybe not. You write about some pretty intense situations…do you have a dark side of your own?

The Arcana Portia Romance

The whole big theme of good versus evil intrigues the heck out of me. And the evil has to be really bad for us to be impressed when good wins. To make it more interesting, good and bad are never absolutes. I mean, my good guy can be pretty bad. So the bad guy had better be freakin beyond evil. Well, I Google a lot. I also ask people who know more than I do.

I wrote the scene that had been spinning around in my head, Talen the hero turned out to be a vampire, and well, he was so sexy he had to be the good guy. Write that story in your head that you want to read. Other people want to read that, too. Why do you like writing paranormal tales with a dark edge? Definitely more dark paranormals…I love exploring different worlds.

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More good vs. Hi, everyone! Manda recently signed a contract to release three books with St. Congratulations, Manda! In which Nancy meets Ned First of all, thank you so much, Cynthia for giving me the chance to do my first ever guest blog as a soon-to-be published author! And when in book 7, The Clue in the Diary, Nancy met the young college student who would be her boyfriend for…oh, the next century or so?

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But what is it about these modern-day romantic suspense novels that link them with their predecessors? It might just be me, but there is something utterly thrilling about seeing a hero and heroine forced into close circumstances to hunt for the super evil bad guy. Or to find the missing treasure. In our modern-day romantic suspense novel the set up might not be quite as convenient as it is for Nancy and her friends—I mean it IS pretty unlikely that their respective BFFs are dating one another—but almost as soon as you begin reading Book 1 of a new series you can tell who is in the queue for his or her own book down the line.

Some readers find this annoying and call it sequel-baiting, but I like getting to know future heroes and heroines early on. One of the rules of the unspoken pact between mystery author and mystery reader is that by the end of the novel the author will disclose to the reader who actually committed the crime.

This is similar to the rule of the romance novel, which decrees that every romance novel must have a happy ending. One thing I love about romantic suspense, and I learned this early on from Nancy Drew, is that the two can be blended together. In a world where happily ever after is sometimes hard to come by, and where the bad guys sometimes get away without punishment, there is a certain measure of comfort to be drawn from a temporary visit to a world where justice is always served.

I also make sure that my heroes and heroines have plenty of friends. And always, always I make sure that my bad guys are, if not safe behind bars, at least vanquished and sent somewhere far far away. What can I say? I learned it from the Nancy Drew!

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You can judge for yourself how well or badly I did in when my first novel, a Regency Historical called How to Dance with a Duke releases from St. So, what about you, dear reader? Have you stumbled across some similarities between your childhood reading and the books of your adulthood? Can you trace a path from what you loved as a child to what you love as an adult? Rosa—The daughter of nobility, she lost her family to violence in Mexico. Does she have the courage to make a new life in a strange country? Steven—The charismatic leader, fighting injustice of the downtrodden. Could Oklahoma be the New Promised Land? Ricardo—The California horseman, alone after tragedy and misfortune wiped out his hopes.

Could the Land Run offer a fresh, new start? As newcomers struggle to settle a new territory, fortunes are made, friendships are forged. Love is tested. Will Rosa yield her proud heart to find real happiness? Paperback version available at Lulu. Welcome to the mystical town of Beaver Cove, Arkansas where country ghosts offer homey advice and the moon makes lovers of total strangers! Maddie Harris left Boston in humiliation. She hopes the job as assistant principal in a small Arkansas town will keep her too busy to notice the hole where her heart used to be.

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Phil Wilcox, divorced former NFL star, returns to his hometown as the new football coach. Neither is seeking romance, but a mischievous moon and a friendly spirit have other ideas. Courageous, captivating, cunning—the Royal Rebel leads her band of freedom fighters against the tyranny of Prince John. Inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, Royal Rebel twists a familiar tale into a fresh, romantic adventure. Joining forces with arrogant knight extraordinaire, Sir Simon of Loxley, the two undertake a mission to save the kingdom. Filled with humor, whimsical imagination, and romance— Royal Rebel will capture your heart.

Looking for a little mental and spiritual refreshment during your hectic day? House Call —inspired by my work as a Reiki therapist. A chronically ill woman spends the day with a unique therapist. A town down on its luck is given hope through the unlikely friendship of an aging actress and a poor child of the South. Their attraction is mutual, but disturbing. And life gets even more complicated when the whole town is caught in a conflict that pits these two on opposite sides of a political fence….

Shiny Green Shoes : was a hard year on old Route The unlikely friendship between a young, black girl and an aging white actress brings hope to a town down on its luck. Downtown LA and the suburbs are only minutes, yet worlds, apart. A little girl brings people together, with the help of her celestial best friends. Available at Amazon. Click Picture. Having time to kill while waiting in a hotel in Saigon, your book is like a refresher course in just about everything I have learned about working with healing energy, has given me new direction, and much needed personal insight!

I love your book. And, in reading it I am blow away by the parallels and similarities in our respective journeys to self-discovery. Catholic baggage. Past life baggage. Reiki Master. Reconnection Healing. Prayer circles. What a validation to read about someone who is experiencing the same path, and breaking trail for the rest of us skragglers.

Thank you so much Patrick for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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