Caring for the Child Within - A Manual for Grownups

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However, adults with AS often have strong intellectual abilities and vocabulary skills.

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You pay great attention to detail and can focus for extended periods of time. While most individuals with Asperger syndrome or an autism spectrum disorder will be diagnosed as children, some adults will not find a solution to their symptoms until adulthood. Autism is usually detected by the time children age 3 or 4 and common signs begin to piece together a puzzle.

This Is What Children with Asperger’s Syndrome Wish You Knew

But sometimes a diagnosis isn't made…. Autism treatment often involves a combination of different therapies.

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For some, medication may also play a role. We'll go over all the different….

Although there's some overlap between bipolar disorder and autism, it's unclear how many people live with both conditions. Here's what the research….

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Here's one woman's story about loving a friend with Asperger's syndrome, and her tips for how we can all gain a greater understanding about the…. If you're a neurotypical, you may struggle to communicate with someone living with autism. Here are some tips, from us to you. A brain scan shows that brain cells don't sync up in quite the same way in people with autism. OCSS cannot provide help with court civil matters such as divorce and custody actions; parenting and visitation actions; nor can the program provide any legal advice.

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Top CT. Overview Welcome to the Connecticut Office of Child Support Services Mission Statement The mission of the Office of Child Support Services within the Connecticut Department of Social Services is to improve the well-being of children, promote the self-sufficiency of families, and deliver quality child support services, with recognition that to grow and thrive children require the financial, medical, and emotional support of both parents, regardless of their living situation or relationship.

Support Enforcement Services, Judicial Branch, responsible for court based enforcement and most modification processes. God bless! Thanks for sharing this though bc it resonates with my own practice. Peace, Rachel. I must admit I skipped most of the post. I skipped directly to the techniques. I have been using the meditation technique for some time and it has been offering me glimpses into the depths of my soul. All information I retrieved has been extremely valuable. I followed the steps of the technique as I read through them and I got goosebumps, and tears welled up in my eyes.

Thank you for showing me this. Thanks for the inquiry Sarah. Thank you for this article! But overall, I had a really good, carefree, happy childhood! And a year later, I was sexually assaulted by a friend.

I feel like both of these things happened at a very vulnerable age, as I was just coming into adulthood. Every body is an artist and every body can doodle on a drawing pad, or writing pad. When relaxed things just emerge on paper and helps to relieve sub conscious pressures. Regards John …. Hi sol,my name is nagendra from india.

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This topic regarding inner child amazing and uplifting this helped my spiritual journey to go even more deeper and clearer. You and luna have done excellent work to guide us on the journey. Thank you so much. Along with this i have request that i need a support and guidance from you regarding parent and children issues. Its really serious issue. The problem is my younger brother assaults his mom our mom physically, emotionally, when i try to stop it he assaulted me too. He is trying to behave sexually with his mother and she rejects all of that. My request is can you help us to overcome from this parent and child relationship issue Oedipus Complex.

Please create an article or send some suggestions, wisdom and tools to be free from this problem. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thank you for sharing your story and difficult situation. Unfortunately, this sounds like a problem that would benefit from ongoing work. I lost my father in a tragic accident when I was 11 years old but before that my childhood was wonderful and safe, I wanted to share this because sometimes tragic events happens that steals your innocenct life and secureness of your childhood in a split second. My brothers either used me as free entertainment, or something smaller than them to humiliate, as a sort of living doll for their twisted preadolescent humor.

Can you blame him? I lived with my parents and also at my grandparents apartment.

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I was told a few years ago my parents never took me home from the hospital, after I spent a week in an incubator malnourished. Thank you for all of these techniques. I journaled and immediately my inner child was ready to talk. In my isolation I decided to get sand from the beach and make a home sand box for Jungian Sand Play. I think I want to practice more of this; I had no therapeutic goal other than amusing myself with the dolls, but it started as life stress increased. Maybe my inner child is an ally already! Under stress I had also already made up a power place. Thank you for mentioning the book!

Take care and glad we have these resources.