Doctrine of Faith and Prayer

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The Restoration of the Doctrine of Binding and Loosing | Alliance World Fellowship

Anglicans believe that there is only one God, but there are three elements to this one God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit; that human beings' decision to reject this eternal God and live according to their own standards sin causes a relational breakdown between them; that God the Son, Jesus Christ, lived and died to give people a model and a way to be reconciled with God.

Anglicans consider the Bible to be fundamental to life as a Christian and believe that "the Scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation". Anglicans believe that the Christian life involves regular praise and prayer, both private and public, and that Christians must practise what they preach and pray - both on Sundays the day when Anglicans normally gather for worship and every day, as they seek to live out their worship. The Holy Spirit indwells those who are saved from the moment of regeneration and seals them forever as God's children.

The Holy Spirit works in believers and through them to perfect God's will, complete God's redemptive purposes, and witness to the reality of God and His transforming eternal life. All believers should obey and confess the Lord Jesus Christ by Scriptural immersion in water. Baptism identifies the believer with his Lord and Savior he confesses, the Gospel he believes, and the church by which he or she is baptized. A New Testament church is a local congregation of Scripturally baptized believers who are bound together by a common purpose and covenant with Jesus Christ as their Head to advance the Kingdom of God through their message, witness, and godly living.

Each New Testament church has the mandate to obey the Great Commission, to proclaim the Gospel, to make disciples of Jesus Christ, to baptize those who believe, to teach them doctrinal truth, and train them to serve Jesus Christ and obey all His commands. The church should celebrate the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper as memorials of the Gospel and not as grace-giving or saving sacraments.

Each church is autonomous and is responsible and accountable only to obey their Head, the Lord Jesus Christ and to obey the teachings of the Scriptures. Each believer should actively serve Jesus Christ, minister to fellow believers, and witness to unbelievers through a local New Testament church. Toggle navigation.

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With respect to evangelism and missionary endeavor, we believe: The Bible the complete 66 books from Genesis to Revelation is God's verbally inspired Word and is perfect, complete, and inerrant as originally written. John made it clear that it is not enough to acknowledge the deity of Christ. Contextually, unity among believers is possible only when the believers commit themselves to the doctrine that Christ imparted.

If one desires to be sensitive to context, and engage in genuine exposition of the Word, the prominent passage in the New Testament that addresses division within the body of Christ is 1 Corinthians. The rest of the book delineates one doctrinal item after another in order to correct divisive Corinthian conduct.

These items include their sexual behavior chs. Their aberrant i.


Consequently, the solution was not to de-emphasize doctrine! The solution was not to lessen or downplay doctrinal commitment. The solution was not to relegate all but one or two doctrines to an optional status. The solution is clearly stated: speak the same thing! Be joined together in the same mind and judgment! Christians have the divine obligation to study their Bibles, and to arrive at the truth on every matter that God sets forth as essential. Ironically, those who push for unity at the expense of truth and doctrine are now compromising even on the essentiality of water baptism for the remission of sins.

Yet in the very context where division within the body of Christ is discussed, Paul advanced an argument that showed the necessity of baptism.

The Great Christian Doctrines (3 vols.)

Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? Notice that Paul gave two prerequisites to salvation. Christ was crucified for all of us.

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Unity and fellowship cannot be extended to anyone who has not been baptized to be saved! Countless sermons have been preached in recent years recounting the division that has plagued churches of Christ. The preacher inevitably insists that our factions are due to our over-emphasis upon doctrinal purity, and our insistence upon being doctrinally correct on every point possible.

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  • He then affirms that if we will cease our concern for doctrinal accuracy, or focus upon a few commonalities that we share with the denominational world, we can achieve the unity God demands. It never seems to dawn on such agents of change that the denominational world which they want us to emulate, embrace, and fellowship are hopelessly divided and are splintered into as many factions as we—maybe more! Frank S. Mead documented many years ago in his Handbook of Denominations that all of the mainline denominations Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians are divided into multiple groups, as are virtually all other religious groups —Catholics, Pentecostals, and Mormons, as well as the Moslems, Buddhists, and Hindus.

    Mead, The pathway to unity is simple. All who truly submit themselves to the Word of God can and will be united.

    Those who do not conform to the parameters of truth will automatically be separated from the obedient. But they will be held responsible for the disunity that results. Cain was responsible for the break between himself and his brother— not Abel —because of his own departure from the instructions of God! Genesis ; Hebrews ; 1 John Doctrine, and compliance with that doctrine, take precedence over unity.