Germany: Jekyll and Hyde — An Eyewitness Analysis of Nazi Germany

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  • Germany: Jekyll and Hyde : Sebastian Haffner : !
  • Germany: Jekyll & Hyde: An Eyewitness Analysis of Nazi Germany.
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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. This is a particularly penetrating study of a phenomenon whose like history has, perhaps, not ever been seen before. The nature of Hitler's regime, he says, was well understood; all that is open to debate is the eagerness with which it was supported Apocryphally, Churchill told his cabinet to read this book so that they would understand the Nazi threat.

We should do likewise to understand how close we came to ignoring it.

Product Details About the Author. His father was headmaster of a Berlin school and a noted liberal school reformer.

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It would be good if the media people had read it before they reported that all the Germans were Nazis. Living for most of my live here in the USA the present election climate scares me a bit. The way the candidates and the media are trying to score points reminds me on the, sadly to admit, successful way Hitler fouled to many of the German people.

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I only hope that the voters here don't elect our next president on the basis of who can throw the biggest pile of dirt on his opponent. May 27, - Published on Amazon. Very interesting, well written and easy to read. February 8, - Published on Amazon. This guy is articulate and knows what he's talking about.

Germany: Jekyll and Hyde : An Eye-Witness Analysis of Nazi Germany

He lived through the regime as a government attorney and dissident. October 21, - Published on Amazon. What a fascinating piece of original writing this is. In later life Sebastian Haffner became a widely respected political and current affairs journalist whose opinions on developments in Europe were very influential for decades. Hopefully many people did read it - certainly Churchill did for it was here that he came across and filed away for later use, the first use of the term "iron curtain". Writing as fluidly and objectively as he can, Haffner tries to lay out for the democratic powers' policy makers how to deal with Germany politically at the end of WWII.

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Haffner had no doubt that Hitler would lose the war, he saw that very clearly. What he wanted to avoid was a ham handed peace that either made a third war inevitable or created the foundations for a new European dictatorship of Russia allied with the rump of Germany. So he lays out a clear and sensible political strategy for separating Hitler and his Nazi thugs from the broad mass of Germans and from smaller opposition groupings.

Reading this raises so many "what if? February 16, - Published on Amazon. His aim was to bring a native German voice to the debate and to educate the English on what was really going on in Germany. His condemnation of the Nazi regime is harsh and unrelenting, which is to be expected. I do not know what the average educated English person knew of the realities of the Nazi regime in , but Haffner wastes no time in educating his reader on the harsh inhumane brutality perpetrated by Hitler et al.

Moreover, he casts the Nazis and Hitler in particular as swindlers and criminals, emphasizing the fact that they rule because they siezed power. The Nazi party according to Haffner must be destroyed in order to rehabilitate Germany.

He does not exculpate the German citizenry.