Gods Journey: On the Topics of Personal and Collective Evolution, as well as the Meaning of Life

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Maybe humans are uniquely bad. Or, to use religious language, maybe Earth is the only place unfortunate enough to have an Adam and Eve. Who is to say our star-siblings are morally compromised and in need of spiritual redemption? Maybe they have attained a more perfect spiritual existence than we have at this point in our development. On Earth, this kind of cognition is at best a few million years old. The education will go quite the other way. There is no need to imagine that God reveals the same truths in the same way to all intelligent life in the Universe.

Other civilisations could understand the Divine in their own myriad ways, all of which could be compatible with each other. But what about the divisions between faiths? How would the discovery influence religious identity? In attendance are an intelligent alien species named Bublas, who have traveled from a faraway star named Rigel. The Jews at the conference are bewildered by the physical appearance of the Bulbas, what with their gray spots and tentacles.

A Rabbinical court is called to think about how Jews should respond to their new visitors.

The Collective Evolution III: The Shift - Top Documentary Films

What happens, they ask, if some day humans come across alien creatures who want to be Jewish? The Bulbas belong in the second group. The comedy of the story is heightened by what we recognise as a certain tribalism inherent to religion. The announcement of any identity has the potential to split the world into groups: us and them. But when religion is involved, that separation takes on a cosmic dimension: us and them, and God is on our side. This has always been one of the challenges of cross-cultural conversion, which is often tasked with negotiating, though not dissolving, such boundaries.

Perhaps this is a bigger challenge to Judaism and Islam than it is for some forms of Christianity, which place less emphasis on daily rituals than other religions. Think of Islam, which requires its adherents to take up embodied behaviors throughout the year. Unlike Christianity, whose founder eradicated the necessity of location for religious experience, Islam is a very placed religion.

The Evolution of Consciousness, God, and Prayer

Prayers are said facing Mecca, at five specific times throughout the day, and are physicalised through bowing and kneeling. Fasting is required at specific times, as is a pilgrimage to Mecca for all Muslims who are able. Contemporary Judaism, however, is not as dependent on location as Islam, given its tragic history with exile and diaspora.

Finding Your Meaning of Life - Inspirational Video

What, then, would it take for an alien to be considered a participant in an Earth religion? What would she be required to do? Pray five times a day? Would she have to be baptised? Receive communion? Build a tent for Sukkot? Would that restrict their conversion options? This may seem to be a bit of frivolous exotheology, but the point is this: all of our religious identities are Earth-centric ones.

And vice versa. Realisations of divine life would not be in contradiction with each other or with creation. Some believe that the discovery will set us on a path the end goal of which will be to outgrow religion. Surely its re-inventiveness, its adaptability is a testament to the fact that there is something about religion that resonates with humans at a basic level. Many religions have always believed God names the stars. And that they might possibly each have their own names for God? He lives in Delaware, and is a graduate student in theology at Villanova University.

Watch next: The alien threat that could wipe out life on Earth. This media cannot be played on your device. Future Menu. What is BBC Future? Follow the Food. Future Now. And many would agree she is the global ambassador for conscious change. At her heart, Barbara Marx Hubbard is a visionary, a social innovator. She is an evolutionary thinker who believes that global change happens when we work collectively and selflessly for the greater good.

She realizes that the lessons of evolution teach us that problems are evolutionary drivers, and crises precede transformation, giving a new way of seeing and responding to our global situation. As a prolific author and educator, Barbara has written seven books on social and planetary evolution. She has produced, hosted, and contributed to countless documentaries seen by millions of people around the world. In conjunction with The Shift Network, Barbara co-created the worldwide Birth multi-media event that celebrated an historic turning point and called for greater expression of the social, spiritual, scientific and technological potential in humanity.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is not an idealist, nor does she believe that social and planetary change is simple.

But she does believe that humanity has the tools, fortitude and resolve to take the leap towards conscious evolution. Patricia Ellsberg is a social change activist, meditation teacher, life coach and public speaker. In , she helped her husband, Daniel Ellsberg, release to the press the Pentagon Papers, a top secret history of US involvement in Vietnam, which helped end the Vietnam War.

A central theme of her life has been bridging spiritual experience with social activism. Working closely with her sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard, in furthering social transformation through Conscious Evolution, Patricia guides people to make a shift from ego to Essence, so they live with greater joy, purpose and meaning.

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Carolyn Anderson is a co-founder and the Director of Global Family, a non-profit organization created in to shift consciousness to unity and love. Educator, author, speaker, and social pioneer, Carolyn is committed to the awakening of humanity to its full potential. Her passion is living and sharing the principles of co-creation and exploring the frontiers of evolutionary spirituality.

In her work with Global Family, she has coordinated activities for numerous global events, assisted with the creation of social cooperation trainings, and facilitated a number of international conferences. By seeding the formation of hundreds of small Core Groups on five continents, she has empowered individuals all over the world to discover and fulfill their life purpose in support of the birth of a co-creative society. In she co-founded Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico to foster personal and planetary transformation. The Community is dedicated to modeling a co-creative culture in service to the evolution of consciousness.

Carolyn is a co-author of The Co-Creator's Handbook , the editor and co-creator of the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution with Barbara Marx Hubbard and a partner in Living Co-Creation, an entrepreneurial venture that offers training, coaching and consulting in the practices of co-creation. She resides in the foothills of northern California. Q: What is a virtual course?

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Please note that dialing MaestroConference from your phone is a regular toll call to California, and your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. Other options include calling cards and discount long-distance carriers, and we also have a webcast which is free to use from anywhere in the world. Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?

A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full community and leaders on our private community website.


Q: Can you tell me about the Private Course Group? Don't expect 'evil' to just stop cos you feel love towards it or yourself or everything NOT feeling the least bit bad about it! Bad people or things will happen So that any position of power or control over others is of of such that you can not have a secret talk or meeting And then, if it were not possible to be corrupt without everyone knowing, corrupt people would not take the job Because somehow the way the role is defined and the things that have to be agreed to before being allowed a position of control would make it impossible to do anything in secret once in the role!

But really its just selfish ego thinking it knows whats best for the world.. The "Occupy" movement Are things really better off over there? And Egypt Even Rome was not built in a day. Major logical flaw in this video right at the beginning. The current era is supposed to be the great era of the protester and public awareness but it is never compared to previous eras where there was also a lot of public outrage such as the 60's and multiple other times in history.

We just have to assume he has done the numbers. Frequent use of consciousness and even 'galactic energies' made me not watch the rest. John, I agree. I think the video went off script on the message and started getting into a lot of existential rhetoric that lost me. I just skipped through the rest of it. What does new age even mean? Anything that talks about anything remotely related to spirituality? If anything, this was refreshingly not new agey. If you did that, it would answer your own question.

I have often wondered if there Is such a thing as a collective consciousness or one that emerges at larger scales of organisation than that of the neural networks in our brains. While these speculations are interesting to contemplate, one must be very careful to keep their assertions about reality confined to things that are grounded in sound reason. The creators of this documentary have failed to reign in their imaginations and instead let emotionally conjured subjects run wild in their worldviews. As most of the viewers have noted in the comments; there is nothing like the lack of diligence in critical thinking to lead to such very far flung ideas about such disparate subjects.

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If I could take somebody else's words and make them my own then this would be one statement I would do that with. You've managed to go straight to the heart of the problem in a clear and concise way. I agree with some of this. However to me, we shouldn't need some view on a larger collective mind, to realize that we are in very dynamic times. Information is flowing like it never has. We have the ability to do what we could have never done in the past on the level we now can We have to move as individuals, who realize they're a part of a larger body called society, because it makes sense to care about the members of a group body parts.

This is what seems to be most important, and it's apparent that the world is on the verge of changing drastically Everyone says it can't change. If enough people thought we could make big change, then that's what we'd make. We have the power tech to put our "money" where our mouth is, we're just operating on archaic ideologies that need to be shed.

As a Leo I find all of this to be most interesting, the fluctuating excitability of sunspot activity directly effects the controllability of my hair. Totally off topic but I can't help myself! My brother has a whirl of hair on the back of his head, my great aunt a nun, long dead always said it was where he'd been licked by the devil during his birth - punishment for my parents not being married, the sun has a lot to answer for ;.

My man used to get licks from his dad, the slap round the head sort though, almost a blessing compared to the other sort. I think i like your Gran, must be a 'Call of the Irish' thing, catholic quantum wobbles! Blaming the Irish is never the way to go you spawn of Satan. Begone demon, get ye back ta red hair mountain! Edit: My apologies. To be fair I didn't realise we were talking about Quantum Uncertainty and how it relates to hair colour. Please cease your journey to red hair mountain, there is nothing there for your kind, fair one, but death and uncertainty It was going fairly well at the start but sure enough the crazy eventually crept in.

Over unity devices, quantum quackery, UFO cover ups and solar flares that change human consciousness. They even speculated on the G2 cloud event as an upcoming source of consciousness shifting energy. I have nobody but myself to blame for watching but I feel like a little piece inside me has died. It's too soon to know for sure but I think it may have been my consciousness. My sacrifices are offered for the greater good but it is nice to be appreciated for them, especially by those who one respects. Thanks dmxi :P.

I hear you. The way i try and observe data, is through different lenses. I have my catalog of compiled data as it corresponds to it occurring "randomly", as i try to take the same data, and look at it as if they're is something larger going on The issue is, when u look at the universe like there is some sort of plan or goal if you will, you become overwhelmed by the innumerable amount of factors that go into contributing to the process. Basically, you play connect the dots, and it quickly gets complicated, as you move from physiological factors, to sociological, to tech, to eco, to geo, to interstellar and so on.

The film just needs a bunch more disclaimers, as they don't seem to have sufficient evidence to bolster some of their points. There have always been hippies and technological progress and a ruling elite so the film could have been titled "The Collective Status Quo - The Lack Of Change"?

When is the American public going to wake up to the fact that our president and his henchmen are already off the rails? Kathlene Sebilius announced that 7 million people have signed up for ObamaCare. Joe Biden said that 4 million people have signed up for ObamaCare. I'm sure they get their numbers from Catsup bottle labels. Do you think there might panic-driven disarray in the White House?

If if wasn't so freakin' frightening I might be enjoying a Marx Brothers movie plot. At least he acknowledged that Obama and Biden seem to qualify as some kind of primates. So it's the president that tried giving everyone healthcare that's off the rails, not the one who started a crusade in the middle east Ever since Obama won the election which is more than Bush ever did the second time around the American right have taken their ball and gone home, they've ground democracy to a complete stand still because they don't want to work with the black man Nugent's a neanderthal with gunpowder!

Ted Nugent has only been cool to people with impossibly low standards, aka those with mediocre taste. The people have lost all power to to mega corporations, mega government and a general stupidity to what is really happening to them! They speak of a cycle. But there are many cycles and they are exponentially occurring at faster and faster paces. It is just moving very fastly right now. Multi-cellular colonies evolved into sponges, that broke from the surface they grew from, as they evolved into the jellyfish.

Civilization s is stationery as the sponge was, and is mobilizing into virtual landscapes and we might be entering interstellar regions physically. So is it a coincidence that the internet resembles the nerve net in the jellyfish….?


Reincarnation: the 35 steps of soul evolution

I have much more to support this, but obviously am restricted here. There seems to be a basic blueprint of bringing together units to produce novelty aka evolution simplified. New properties emerge until the slate is cleaned, and starts over with the tools provided from each prior round You can see it everywhere in nature. I'll upload a vid i made later tonight or tomorrow can't from where i'm at. It breaks it down better.

It is a bit technical in places, but simplified enough to where if you're open minded enough, you'll find it's far from rubbish. I get the impression you might like the upcoming film Transcendence. See trailer. Is this what your kind of hinting at? I liked the idea that the internet is kind of a brain. From a knowledge perspective it certainly is. Its a bit like having an elder in a tribe. We often go to the internet to find "answers to various questions".

But those answers are still uploaded by humans!. Its not like a machine is processing the answers. It is all about transcendence, but they're focusing on the transcendence of man from what I've seen, instead of the transcendence of mankind. Ray Kurzweil does where the idea was inspired by i'm sure this as well.

As in as the shift suggests, we are all a part of something larger. I look at the identity as an illusion contrived by nature to facilitate evolutionary requisites, such as life and death which have driven biological evolution esp. As a result, we have manifested these fragmented views of the world around us, and will soon transcend these out dated views. So it's not how awesome it will be when we as egotistical self righteous individuals jack into the machine. It's when we do so in conjunction with one another. A bunch of "separate" interstellar particles formed the cell. A bunch of "separate" cells formed the mutli-cell org, and a bunch of those us , seem to be in the process of forming an even larger body.

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You can see the centralized process, sadly enough, in our power structure, dating back sometime, but it has picked up speed recently. But i think that is just a precursor to what's to come. The idea is that the brain realizes it's body parts are important, as governments don't, but soon will possibly, as it would make sense to from an evolutionary standpoint.

But yea when the first brain formed in the worm, all of it's "data" was uploaded by the cells of the nervous system Imagine we could process social media posts 's per minute hypothetically we're augmented intellectually. Each post would almost be like praying, in that it would beckon across an international sea of willing participants, working towards a common goal Grabbing an apple is a very complicated process mathematically, and takes a lot of parts working together to pull off.

Whether it's completely pre-determined or something on the quantum level perhaps has some sway or some other outside force interactive blueprint I think of divinity as outside of the realm of understanding. One thing seems likely, that evolution does have a direction. I am not convinced evolution does have a direction tho Its wealth was initially built on gold mines. But today it is built on silicon and celluloid—Silicon Valley and the celluloid hills of Hollywood. What would happen if the Chinese were to mount an armed invasion of California, land a million soldiers on the beaches of San Francisco, and storm inland?

They would gain little. There are no silicon mines in Silicon Valley. The wealth resides in the minds of Google engineers and Hollywood script doctors, directors, and special-effects wizards, who would be on the first plane to Bangalore or Mumbai long before the Chinese tanks rolled into Sunset Boulevard. It is not coincidental that the few full-scale international wars that still take place in the world, such as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, occur in places were wealth is old-fashioned material wealth.

The Kuwaiti sheikhs could flee abroad, but the oil fields stayed put and were occupied. Presently, only a tiny fraction of these new opportunities have been realized. Yet the world of is already a world in which culture is releasing itself from the shackles of biology. Our ability to engineer not merely the world around us, but above all the world inside our bodies and minds, is developing at breakneck speed. Lawyers need to rethink issues of privacy and identity; governments are faced with rethinking matters of healthcare and equality; sports associations and educational institutions need to redefine fair play and achievement; pension funds and labor markets should readjust to a world in which 60 might be the new They must all deal with the conundrums of bio-engineering, cyborgs, and inorganic life.

The era of personalized medicine —medicine that matches treatment to DNA — has begun. She could determine that a popular medication that helps 92 percent of people is useless to you, and you should instead take another pill, fatal to many people but just right for you. The road to near-perfect medicine stands before us. However, with improvements in medical knowledge will come new ethical conundrums. Ethicists and legal experts are already wrestling with the thorny issue of privacy as it relates to DNA.

Would insurance companies be entitled to ask for our DNA scans and to raise premiums if they discover a genetic tendency to reckless behavior? Could an employer favor a candidate because his DNA looks better? It is obvious that one can own a particular chicken, but can one own an entire species? Such dilemmas are dwarfed by the ethical, social, and political implications of the Gilgamesh Project and of our potential new abilities to create superhumans.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, government medical programs throughout the world, national health insurance programs, and national constitutions worldwide recognize that a humane society ought to give all its members fair medical treatment and keep them in relatively good health. That was all well and good as long as medicine was chiefly concerned with preventing illness and healing the sick. What might happen once medicine becomes preoccupied with enhancing human abilities?