How Will I Get Through the Holidays? 12 Ideas for Those Whose Loved One Has Died

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Or that we might eat up to 70 pounds of bugs in our lifetime? Fishman's numbers will thrill, amaze, and elucidate. Read an interview with the author here. Meltzer artfully captures Armstrong's journey all the way from childhood through his historic first steps on the lunar surface. But Meltzer doesn't just focus on those famous steps. He begins the story decades before the Apollo 11 mission with a very young Armstrong trying to climb to the top of a silver maple tree.

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After falling and getting back up, Armstrong continued this pattern of determination throughout his career. Armstrong's story of inspiration is masterfully executed in this colorful, delightful biography. In "Margaret and the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing , " Dean Robbins outlines the pioneering software engineer's life, from the backyard of her childhood home, where she posed a million questions about the night sky, to the hallways of NASA, where she led a team from MIT to develop the onboard flight software that would land the first men on the moon.

When an accident threatened to abort the Apollo 11 moon landing, Hamilton swooped in to save the day with her smarts and preparation. He said he hopes his young readers will find a strong role model in Hamilton, who solved problems large and small with creativity and fearlessness.

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For first through third graders who are curious about the night sky, Joe Rao's fact-filled early-reader chapter book will satisfy basic questions about the sun and the moon, the stars, the planets, comets and meteors in an engaging, age-appropriate manner. The centerpiece of the primer, however, is the section on the total solar eclipse that will take place across the United States on Aug. Once the sun is totally covered, you can look and "be amazed at one of Mother Nature's most spectacular sights," he writes.

But turn away once the sun starts peeking out lest you be blinded, or use one of the safe viewing techniques he recommends to continue observing the spectacle. Lushly illustrated by Frank Morrison in a painterly realistic style, "Starstruck" follows deGrasse Tyson as he works toward adulthood with an eye on unlocking the secrets of the universe, from his first trip to the Hayden Planetarium as a wide-eyed child to a summer astronomy camp in the Mojave Desert in his teens and, finally, back to the Hayden Planetarium, where he lands a job at age 35 and eventually becomes its director.

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  7. We wanted to try to capture his charisma in a book for children, to inspire them with a hero they should know about. Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has flown three space missions, commanded the International Space Station and traveled the world speaking about what it's like to fly in space. But before that, he was a young child afraid of the dark while dreaming of exploring the moon.

    The story of his struggle with that fear is gorgeously illustrated by Terry and Eric Fan, known as the Fan Brothers, who tuck little, menacing aliens into the shadows young Chris's bedroom, and an about-the-author page at the end describes his path to becoming an astronaut for readers who might share that dream. For parents of young kids I am one such parent , Usborne's prizewinning "Look Inside Space" is a must-have to share the history and wild technology of space exploration with starry-eyed tots.

    The book uses cute illustrations and more than 70 artfully arranged flaps to explore the history of human spaceflight and the basics of stars, planets and other astronomical objects. It is enjoyable to all space fans, but is especially good for pre-school and Kindergarten-age kids just starting out to explore space on their own.

    If you're like me, there's a special place in your heart for Pluto, be it a planet or a dwarf planet. Weitekamp and David DeVorkin take young readers on a guided tour of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh's historic sighting of Pluto in to the planet's reclassification to a dwarf planet in , with Kidd's entertaining illustrations leading the way. How did Pluto get its name? It's in there. What exactly is a planet? This book has it covered.

    For the older set, a kicker photo spread on the people and telescopes, as well as a Pluto glossary, make this book an essential for budding astronomers but may be best for kids age 8 and up. This book, by Catherine Hughes and David Aguilar, is a great way to introduce young children to Earth, the solar system and beyond. It features gorgeous images — both photographs and illustrations — and explains tough concepts such as black holes in simple, easy-to-understand text. There are also some great tips at the back of the book about how to spark or further kids' interest in space science and exploration.

    Blast off on a space adventure with the most adorable space travelers in the cosmos: the CatStronauts! In "Mission Moon," the gang solves a global energy crisis by building a solar power plant on the moon. Tori, the little girl from the moon and Mars books, is all grown up and leading the first manned mission to the king of the planets as its chief scientist. And little Max, who grew up listening to stories of his grandpa's galactic adventures, is going along for the ride.

    While he's a bigger scamp than his forebear was, his playful instincts ultimately stand the crew in good stead. Max, just like in the original edition of the book, is a good boy. The "big kid boxes," sidebars that present behind-the-scenes concepts that the story introduces, have been revised to accommodate findings from NASA's Juno mission in But the book overall is set to give kids of any age an appreciation of science and exploration.

    Read more about "Max Goes to Jupiter" and get a sneak peek of its pages here. This astronaut's memoir tells a truly inspiring story of how one unsuspecting football player from a small town in rural Virginia wound up flying in the Space Shuttle Atlantis on missions to the International Space Station. Leland Melvin started his career playing professional football in the NFL, but when an injury prevented him from playing, he went to school to become an engineer.

    This one takes place after the Great War, when Violet finds herself adrift as one of the many war widows.

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    She joins the borderers, a group of women who embroider kneelers for the cathedral, and finds both community and a new sense of purpose among them. Four friends meet their freshman year of college , as so many of us do. Told in a series of four sections, this book feels both familiar and wonderfully unique. After World War II, the search is on for a legendary Nazi dubbed the Huntress — an effort that encircles an American teen, an English journalist, and a Russian aviatrix.

    Tolentino turns her sharp observations on culture, society, and the things that keep us from seeing ourselves clearly in this collection of astute essays that will make you think about the influences that infiltrate all of our lives. Told through emails, blog posts and online therapy sessions , this quirky novel about the aftermath of a young woman's death — and the friends working to make her biggest dream come true — is funny, modern and memorable.

    When Melody's mother gets pregnant with her, it brings together two families from very different backgrounds. This is the story of a hippie food-lover who entered the ivory tower of media and how she came to terms with her power and made her mark on the world and how we eat, forever. In her debut memoir, Diaz recounts her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico and Miami Beach, her mother's struggles with mental illness and drug addiction and Diaz's own fight against the forces that would destroy her. It's at once heartbreaking and throbbing with life in a rich portrait that's anything but ordinary.

    When the humans turn into zombie-like creatures, it's up to the animals to save the planet in this irreverent dystopian romp. From the author of The Night Circus comes a wildly fanciful lark that has all the hits: mystery, love, libraries, Harry Potter references, and pirates. It's a complex, darkly beautiful story with some of the most inventive storytelling we've read all year.

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    Taxidermy is cool again in this offbeat family drama. Jessa-Lynn finds her father's body after he dies by suicide in the family's taxidermy shop. In , Josephine, a freed slave and farm owner, befriends her white neighbor Charlotte, but tensions rise as Charlotte becomes involved with the Ku Klux Klan. Almost a hundred years later, Josephine's descendant Ava moves in with her white grandmother, Martha, who's paying her for her company. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Meal Prep Like a Pro. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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