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Steven Lin on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter. Steven Lin - What is Vitamin K? Weston A. Price - Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book. During his year career in medicine, he has performed over 10, heart surgeries and developed life-saving medical technology. Steven Gundry - The Longevity Paradox book. Steven Gundry's websites - gundrymd. Steven Gundry - The Plant Paradox book. Steven Gundry - Dr. Before consultation, note on a small notebook the questions you want to ask.

This may not happen in a day, but gradually you can install an interactive relationship with your doctor. Hepatitis C is still a difficult subject to talk about. Being well informed before talking to our loved ones helps to present the situation clearly, not to worry too much about others on our state of health and to anticipate possible negative reactions. We have learned over time to adopt different attitudes according to our interlocutors. However, for your personal balance, it is recommended to entrust yourself to at least one person.

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To be perfectly calm if a loved one is treating you, you can suggest that you wear gloves. Clean the wound with a disinfectant and cover with a bandage. It is advisable to notify your dentist and other health professionals nurse, acupuncturist, etc. If informing these people is a problem for you, do not feel guilty: know that caregivers must apply the same precautionary measures to all patients. Get used to separating your personel toiletries from others in your household, especially if you have children. The risk of sexual transmission of HCV is very low.

Simply protect yourself in situations where blood contact is possible: use condoms during periods of menstruation if you are a woman contaminated , in case of genital infections eg herpes , of lesions of the sexual organs. Pregnancy is not contraindicated for women with hepatitis C virus except during treatment.

You may want to consider HCV treatment before conception to try to eliminate the virus or reduce the risk of transmission. In case the baby is still contaminated, you should know that the evolution of hepatitis C in a newborn is benign. Most doctors tell you not to change your eating habits.

In theory, no medical data justifies a specific diet, unless you are overweight.

But if your eating behavior is a bit anarchic, take the opportunity to change it. The rules that benefit everyone are even better for you. It is necessary to watch over your food balance, avoid excess fat and sugar, favor vegetables, fruits, starchy foods, fish, white meats, dairy products. Listen, follow your desires. Depending on the stage of your illness, you may not want to eat a particular category of food.

Our motto: not to deprive oneself, but not to force oneself either. This is an important subject. The specialists are rather adamant: you must remove all alcohol consumption. In practice, the problem is complex. Ask yourself first about your relationship with alcohol: is it essential? Do you seem to be able to do without, or reduce your consumption? You should know that the evolution of hepatitis C is four times faster for excessive drinkers, that is to say those who consume more than 20 grams of alcohol per day.

This equates to three glasses of wine for a man, two for a woman. If you are more or less dependent on alcohol, or if you feel only fragile, talk to your doctor. If you are an occasional and moderate drinker, the implementation of a new behavior depends of course on your state of health. In case of severe hepatitis, alcohol must be prohibited. In other cases, we must avoid excesses. But, unless absolutely medical contraindication, we can drink a glass of wine a day during a meal. A fasting aperitif is more difficult for us, as well as strong alcohols, which are best avoided.

Do not drink does not mean to cut off all usability. Do not refuse invitations on the grounds that you do not consume alcohol. It is very important to continue going out, to maintain a social life. At a party or dinner, your friends may encourage you to drink, especially if they are unaware of your HCV infection. You do not always want to justify yourself and explain why you refuse. Some of us have found ways to make life easier. Fill your glass half with wine, and drink it very slowly.

During this time, nobody will serve you again. You can also replace champagne with sparkling water, punch with orange juice: you will avoid questions. Hepatitis C can disrupt saliva production, which has a protective role for teeth. Dry mouth has an influence on the condition of the gums. In addition, treatments for hepatitis C are often harmful to teeth. You must therefore take dental hygiene seriously to prevent these problems, and have a very regular follow-up.

This is a recurring phenomenon for you. It is important to talk to your doctor, who must make a diagnosis of fatigue: it may be related to HCV, stress or some other cause. A tiredness present in the morning can be one of the symptoms of a depressive state. For many of us, fatigue spreads throughout the day. Depending on the time of the illness, it can lead to an inability to work or to perform domestic tasks. Sometimes this fatigue can become really disabling, which is not necessarily understood by those around you and can trigger conflicts within your families.

We must accept the fact of being tired and try to manage it every day: explain to loved ones, get help, do not hesitate to ask for a sick leave to his doctor, arrange his days. If you have to be efficient at a specific time, it is better to have some rest. Enjoy the weekend to sleep, but do not let fatigue invade your life: spare time for leisure, devoted to activities you love. Short sleep times in the day are beneficial. A nap of twenty minutes may be enough to feel better. Another piece of advice to relax: take a shower by massaging the cervical and lumbar areas.

The quality of life of a hepatitis is much related to his psychological experience. The importance of anxiety often depends on the lack of dialogue and support from the family and the lack of information on the course of the disease. Fatigue and recovery difficulties also affect morale.

Silence is the worst solution. We need to talk. This allows you to relativize, to express your anxieties, to share your problems with others. You can find help from a professional psychologist, psychiatrist , an association or a group of speech. Above all, do not stay alone with your questions. The liver is the largest internal organ of the human body. It is the only one able to regenerate himself. It has more than functions, the main ones being: fighting infections, neutralizing toxins, making proteins and hormones, controlling blood sugar and helping blood coagulation.

However, be aware that a healthy liver performs very well and without external help this detoxification. My Liver Exam offers you, through this article, an overview of the beneficial foods for your liver. It is important to manage these conditions when we talk about liver health.

Therefore, the composition of your diet can directly influence the development of certain liver disorders non-alcoholic liver diseases. Here are the highlights. Fish with pink flesh are the best sources. These results were independent of weight loss. A high consumption of omega-3 PUFA derived from fish decreases hepatic triglyceride secretion. A recent study has also shown that a low-glycemic diet has beneficial effects on the liver. A high-fiber diet would lower the absorption of cholesterol and dietary fat and cause a greater loss of bile acids a substance secreted by the gallbladder to digest dietary fat.

The liver would then concentrate its efforts on synthesizing bile acids rather than cholesterol. Fiber also slows the digestion time of carbohydrates, allowing the body to use energy, reducing the amount of carbohydrate that the liver has to handle. Finally, a diet rich in antioxidants appears to be desirable for improving liver function.

These would have a role to play in the inflammatory processes associated with certain liver diseases. Here is a chart with the glycemic indexes of different foods containing carbohydrates. The recommendation is to favor those with a low glycemic index GI. Here are the foods richest in dietary fiber : bran cereals, beans, red berries, peas, nuts and seeds. Vitamin C: guava, peppers, kiwis, strawberries, citrus, papaya, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and potatoes.

Vitamin E: almonds, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, leafy vegetables, peanuts and peanut butter, sweet potato and avocado. Selenium: Brazil nuts, fish, crustaceans, meat, poultry, grain products, wheat germ, wheat bran, beans, oats, bran and eggs. Carotenoids: kale, tomatoes, spinach, sweet potato, carrot, leafy vegetables, pumpkin, squash, guava, watermelon, grapefruit. Maintaining a weight within the normal limits of body mass index BMI between However, rapid or too rapid weight loss is discouraged.

A rate of 0. These are lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. They are liquid at room temperature. They are considered good quality fats. They include oleic acid, which is very present in olive oil and canola, for example. Nuts and grains as well as avocado also contain monounsaturated fatty acids. It is the form of transport of glycerides in the human body. They include the most known fatty acids: omega-3 and omega They can be synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid or come from food through the consumption of fatty fish sardines, mackerel, salmon, and herring.

It is now demonstrated: chronic hepatitis C can lead to significant physical and psychological malaise, which can take different forms: fatigue, anxiety, aggression, depression … This situation is often lived alone because it frequently causes misunderstanding among surroundings. Few people know that these manifestations can be directly related to their disease.

Many feel helpless and fail to evoke these problems, or underestimate them. However, there are solutions to help you identify these symptoms, talk to your doctor and treat them, or at least reduce the impact on your daily life. Tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of hepatitis. Its intensity does not depend on age, nor the activity of the virus, nor the severity of the lesions of the liver. Our fatigue is not linked to an effort or a change in our pace of life. It is often cyclical and does not disappear after rest or incompletely. We may feel exhausted as soon as we wake up, or have a lot of tiredness during the day for no reason.

Some days, fatigue is permanent. We also have a lot more trouble recovering from our daily activities. Work is underway to determine the biological mechanisms that explain the link between fatigue and the presence of the hepatitis C virus HCV. Asthenia severe fatigue can be linked to another cause than hepatitis: diabetes, hypothyroidism, vitamin or trace element deficiencies, excessive consumption of alcohol, insufficient or unbalanced diet.

The doctor may recommend tests to check that your fatigue is not the consequence of any of these problems. Warning: do not take supplements or vitamins without medical advice; some of these over-the-counter products may be toxic to the liver. Sleep disorders are common in hepatitis. Sleeping pills are not recommended for a long time, do not hesitate to discuss other methods with your doctor: homeopathy, relaxation, shiatsu … If you suffer from joint, muscle or lumbar pain, your doctor may prescribe you physiotherapy sessions.

Pain disrupts sleep, which can lead to depression. Fatigue due to HCV has repercussions on physical, moral and social life. It often forces people to restrict their activities and social, love and family relationships can deteriorate. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage everyday life. Hepatitis is asymptomatic: it is not visible physically. If people around you do not know enough about the extent of fatigue in Hepatitis C, your attitude may be interpreted as laziness or ill will.

Sometimes you cannot stand that your loved ones do not understand your malaise. Help them better understand your difficulties: explain illness, offer them to accompany you to your GP. Everyone complains of being tired, even your doctor! But the fatigue of a hepatitis is very specific: some health professionals are not sufficiently aware. If your doctor does not listen to you, try changing your speech and vocabulary. Physiologically, some doctors think that HCV acts on brain cells: this could explain mood disorders, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

In addition, a chronic illness always causes upheavals in the affected person and his entourage. Being infected with a virus can lead to feelings of shame, revolt or anger directed against oneself or against others. Some discover a touch of emotion: they become very irritable, or on the contrary fall in tears in front of the news on TV. The acceptance of the disease is a slow and complex process: a psychotherapy is a real support, do not hesitate to consult.

While this may require some effort, try not to fall back on yourself. Keep in touch with the outside and the others, move. Sport is not contraindicated, on the contrary: to everyone to see what he is able to do. You can practice yoga, tai chi or other relaxing disciplines … Find an activity that you like and really relax: it should not be a chore or an additional constraint.

Depression is common in people with hepatitis C, not just during treatment. First, the shock experienced at the announcement of the disease can have long-term consequences. The intense tiredness can also lead to a real depression, because it sometimes involves radical changes of life: a slowed or interrupted professional life loss of job, repeated work stoppages, change of position , a difficult household management, disturbed relationships spouse, children, and parents , and very limited leisure activities.

These changes due to illness can lock up the person with a feeling of social uselessness, rejection, fear of the future … Finally, the disease is sometimes a catalyst: it amplifies the psychological weaknesses that existed before the discovery of the disease. It is very important to spot the signs of depression. Sadly, they are frequently neglected by the medical profession and by the patients themselves. Management is often late and healing longer.

It is difficult for the person to self-assess: the entourage must be alerted and vigilant, because a depressive episode can quickly worsen if it is not diagnosed. Talk to your GP first, who can refer you to a specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not be ashamed to seek help, even as a precaution. Under antiviral treatment, psychological disorders can set in and get worse quickly. It is therefore important to set up psychological support as soon as the disease is discovered. This will help you to cope better, in good time, with the possible difficulties caused by antiviral treatment.

In some gastroenterology departments, there are free consultations with psychologists and psychiatrists, especially for people with hepatitis C and their relatives. Ask an association. Participating to a speaking group of people affected by hepatitis can also help you. In collaboration with Liver4Life Managing a liver condition on a day-to-day basis can be challenging.

Eat well Balancing the right foods and nutrients are important when managing a liver condition. Some tips for managing salt consumption: Avoid salty foods, salt in cooking, and salt at the table. Anything that tastes salty such as tomato sauce, salsa, soy sauce, canned soups probably has too much salt. Spice things up with lemon juice or herbs, instead of salt. Fresh foods usually are a better bet than processed foods.

Microwave or steam vegetables to retain flavour. Read food labels when shopping. Check the amount of sodium in the foods you are buying. Avoid fast-food restaurants. Most fast foods are very high in sodium. Go easy on meats, especially red meats, which are high in sodium. When possible, consider vegetarian meat-free alternatives. Avoid using salt in cooking — microwave or steam vegetables to retain flavour. It is also helpful to get the advice of a dietician who can offer tips and meal plans tailored around your food preferences.

Stay hydrated Keeping your water levels topped up remains as important as it is for people without a liver condition. Planning your day and the week ahead is very important if you experience fatigue. Plan in time to rest during the day. Think about which things are the highest priorities for you and your family, and make sure these get done first. Ask for help, not just from your family, but think about which tasks a friend or neighbour might be able to do for you. Explain to people that you need to be flexible, so that you can leave early from a party or social engagement.

Protecting yourself from infection People with liver disease are more vulnerable to infections, and if they do get an illness, are more likely to become severely ill 5 : Avoid close contact with adults and children carrying infections. Try and visit the dentist every six months.

Associated contents : Detoxification : some foods to cleanse your liver Why is inactivity bad for your liver? References: S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Eating tips for people with cirrhosis. Middle East J Dig Dis ; Angeline Bhalerao and Gurdeep S. Looking After Yourself. Diagnosis and Treatment. Unhealthy food habits, Inactivity.

NASH, or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH is the association of steatosis and inflammation typical of hepatitis, in people who do not drink or little, and who do not have viral or drug hepatitis. Who is concerned with NASH? NASH, new hepatitis of cured patients? References: Cohen and al. Science New diet recommendations are more focused on proportions rather than portion sizes. Whole Grain Products Grain products should be present at all meals, but in smaller quantities. Protein foods Finally, we should find in the plate of our children foods rich in protein, namely meat, poultry, fish and iron, eggs, yogurt, milk and cheese.

Little appetite? Essential nutrients Do not try to reduce the fat intake of your child but rather to choose it better. Foods to limit Limit the consumption of refined sugars found in sweet breakfast cereals, cookies, cakes, donuts, muffins, jams, caramel, pastries, cereal bar, ice cream, candy, fruit cocktail, chocolate, soft drinks, etc. I do not want to eat broccoli… Food neophobia or fear of novelty usually appears around the age of 2 to reach a peak around 3 or 4 years, and then decrease around 8 years. Patterns of plant and animal protein intake are strongly associated with cardiovascular mortality: the Adventist Health Study-2 cohort.

Int J Epidemiol. The liver is involved in more than vital functions: It produces bile that allows the small intestine to better digest and absorb fat as well as certain vitamins. Liver enzymes break down the proteins in foods to degrade them into amino acids and allow them to be absorbed, which will be re-assembled once in the bloodstream. These new amino acid combinations will make it possible, for example, to obtain transport proteins hemoglobin, etc. The liver stores the carbohydrates sugars consumed in the form of glycogen that will be released when necessary to maintain adequate blood sugar or to have extra energy during a more intense and long-lasting physical activity.

Some of them have surprising antioxidant powers and are necessary for the synthesis of neurotransmitters involved in optimal mental health. Dietary habits that affect the liver In the light of the information mentioned above, it is obvious that everything should be put in place, as far as possible, to limit or avoid liver damage, since it could compromise certain fundamental functions.

Alcohol consumption One of the functions of the liver is the degradation of alcohol. Consumption of sugar and fat Excessive consumption of sugar or fat overloads the liver. These elements demonstrate the importance of a healthy liver and functional enzymes. Conclusion When one changes their lifestyle, the effects can often appear quickly: increased-energy level, sleep quality and ability to concentrate. Symptoms of liver disease can be difficult to spot, especially early on. Patients usually characterise it as a persistent throbbing or stabbing pain 4. Extreme tiredness fatigue and weakness: Researchers have noted that exhaustion and fatigue are the single most common symptom of liver damage.

Unfortunately, the specific causes of liver disease-related fatigue and exhaustion are not fully understood. Follow our never-get-sick plan: 7 steps to the best defences and sail through the rest of winter. The trick is not to avoid working out, but to control those cravings. How to avoid post exercise hunger pangs. Want flat abs? Work your back! But what about back training? Exercise physiologist Andrew Cate explains why strengthening your back is important and recommends 5 effective exercises. Online personal trainer Andrew Cate reveals 5 mind-altering properties of physical activity.

Let your fitness take flight on these action-packed holidays. Stay fit, find adventure and travel the world. However, when we look at their nutritional qualities we find they are not dietary disasters after all. We reveal the surprising goodness in 5 popular foods you may be avoiding unnecessarily. But then … spirits start to wane. So how do you keep firing like a rocket? Here are 10 ways to keep your motivation up and healthy lifestyle on track.

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You could burn an extra to calories each day by making a few simple tweaks to your routine. Here are 6 non-sweat, non-food ways to cut more calories without noticing. Save calories every day. Reduce cravings, conquer temptation, drop kilos Are cravings the bane of your existence? Do you find that, no sooner do you embark on a healthy eating program, than you are assailed by intrusive thoughts of the very foods you are keen to avoid? Discover how they develop and how they can be controlled.

Reduce cravings, conquer temptation, drop kilos. Body weight exercises that burn fat When you start weighing yourself regularly, you soon discover your progress is rarely straightforward. Those ups and downs on the scales can be puzzling and frustrating.

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Here are 6 things to keep in mind when you weigh in. Body weight exercises that burn fat. The runner's winter battle plan As the cooler weather sets in, do you think sofa, sleep-ins, cheeses and warming reds? Think again! This is the time to turn your training up a notch, build speed and maintain your distance Sink your weight-loss saboteurs Do you have friends, family members or colleagues who tempt you with chocolate or warn you about getting too thin and deliberately disrupt your efforts to lose weight? Here are the most common types of saboteurs with tips on how to deal with them.

Sink your weight-loss saboteurs. Motive to move Why do some gym-goers hit the floor every day without so much as a blip in motivation, while others struggle with sluggish drive each day? Our clinical psychologist, Dr Cindy Nour, gets to grips with all things motivation. Find your inner source of motivation. Glittery, foil covered temptation is everywhere. So how can you cope without feeling deprived? How to burn off an Easter bunny. How much protein do you really need?

Protein rocks in the fitness world these days. According to the hype, a post-workout protein shake is vital if you want your ultimate body. We spoke with Dr Liz Broad, APD and experienced sports dietitian, about the protein requirements of the general gym-goer. But are you doing enough to get results? Some actions and behaviours — if carried out consistently — can guarantee a flat belly for life.

But most of us would say we have zero willpower to say no. Fortunately, willpower is like a muscle. Strengthen it by following these 4 practical steps. Relax tight muscles with a foam roller Not only are tight muscles painful, they also restrict our movement and make it more difficult to exercise with correct form. Discover how using a foam roller can bring relief from aches, prevent future injury and improve your relationship with your body.

Relax tight muscles with a foam roller. Here are powerful fat-burning foods that work in your favour. Foods that fight fat. Weights vs cardio: what's best for fat loss? Well, we spoke with 2 leading fitness experts on what they have found to be the best way to exercise for fat loss only. Simple everyday swaps that save calories Do you often choose foods out of habit or boredom, rather than because of taste or need? Nutritionist Kathryn Elliot explains the idea of low hanging fruit and suggests simple swaps that can save you extra calories every day.

Simple everyday swaps that save calories. How music makes your workout more effective The right gym tunes can boost your motivation, help you go stronger for longer and even make exercise feel easier. We investigate the physical and psychological benefits of music and discover which tracks should make your playlist. How music makes your workout more effective. But, danger zones are inevitable. We have identified the 6 most common diet dilemmas and reveal surefire strategies on how to overcome them.

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But does it lead to weight loss? Get your body beach beautiful in 4 weeks Summer will be officially upon us in a few short weeks. Time to dust off the swimsuit and head to the pool or the beach. Here are 8 do-now tips for a perfect beach body. Get your body hot for the beach in 4 weeks. How to be happy in 5 days A few simple disciplines we choose every day can improve our state of mind.

Try out our 5 ways to feel happier. How to be happy in 5 days. Is sitting killing you? Being seated for long periods is emerging as one of the most dangerous practices of our modern world. Learn how to interrupt all those hours of inactivity with these handy tips. Is your bum holding you back? Learn how to put yourself back in control of what you put in your mouth. How to become a mindful eater in 6 easy steps. Fortunately, you can make simple lifestyle tweaks to get your digestive health in order. But to make time to exercise regularly, there are some key strategies to get you started and keep you motivated.

Making time to exercise. Start your spring slim-down Keen to shape up before baring some skin? Then these handy tips will get you going. The sooner you start, the sooner you can celebrate the warm new season with a hot new body. Start your spring slim-down. New power breakfasts to give you zing Whether you're a breakfast regular or breakfast skipper, the morning rush means that breakfast can be our least exciting meal. Add some zest to your morning with these healthy ideas from food coach Judy Davie. New power breakfasts to give you zing.

However, there is a difference between losing weight and losing fat. If you lose weight because you lose muscle, you are lighter without being leaner. Melbourne trainer Ben Longley explains why your best strategy for improving your health and loving your appearance is to lose body fat and gain muscle.

New American Plate Challenge | American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

Why you need to gain muscle if you want to lose weight. This is unfortunate because Australian men develop serious health problems more frequently than Australian women. Their mortality rate is likewise higher: there are 3 male deaths for every 2 female deaths. Essential health tips men should know. According to Courtney Roulston, chef extraordinaire and the brains behind many of the ClickFit recipes, steaming does the job perfectly How to steam fish.

Build a killer lower body The lower body is a troublespot for many a hapless dieter. Women tend to carry extra weight in their hips and thighs and men tend to find their rear end goes soft and flat if they stack on the kilos. Fear not. ClickFit spoke with top UK trainer Charlotte Ord for her best tips on toning up the thighs, perking up the posterior and enhancing the hips. Build a killer lower body — fast!

These 5 tips can get you started Is your phone damaging your health? It's often the last thing you check at night and the first thing you pick up in the morning, but is it spoiling your quality of life? ClickFit investigates if your attachment to your smartphone is making you fat, tired and distracted Guilt-free summer desserts Dessert is the hardest thing to make healthy in our kitchens. However, at this time of year it's easy to make something healthy, low in calories — and delicious. Here's a selection of fresh and fruity desserts that are bursting with flavour.

Guilt-free summer desserts. Swim yourself to a killer physique Swimming is the unifying Aussie activity — a sport practised by men and women of all ages all over the country.

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But how does it rank as a form of physical activity? And is it a good exercise for building muscle, improving strength and weight loss? Swim your way to a killer physique. Your feet, that is. We show you how to give these workhorses a bit of TLC so you can take summer in your stride and be strappy-sandal-confident in no time. How to have lovely feet. How to stay slim while having a drink The party season is fast approaching with its many traps for the avid dieter. Here's how to stay slim while enjoying a drink.