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Forty-five minutes into the first battle at Bull Run, Edmund Personage is hit by a rebel musket ball that ends his military and firefighting careers.

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As his unhappiness leads him to a new beginning as an apple farmer in California, he has no idea that a gift of several camels will eventually change everything again. It is as twenty-two-year-old Simeon Thatcher attempts to survive the perils along the Oregon Trail.

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When he spots something shiny just off the trail, Simon is about to realize that friends sometimes appear in the most unexpected ways. Hans Schuckers is an eighteenth century clockmaker who lacks skills as a businessman. The aroma of the doughnuts preceded us and very nearly proved the demise of our efforts.

The young policeman assigned to the mall area approached us very swiftly to point out the no canvassing sign.

Always a friendly face, he showed signs of great concern at having to greet us with the sad warning. He simply could not permit us to continue in our selling because of the very stringent ordinance prohibiting "peddlers", especially since its enforcement was one of his specific duties. I have never succumbed very willingly in the face of defeat.

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I got right in his face, eye-to-eye, and proceeded to more or less "scold" him. He sweated it a little, but he was not too hesitant in waving us on. I'll just say I never saw you before in my life.

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And we went about selling our doughnuts. All of them. Potpourri is a collection of literary compositions by the same author of The Poet's Eye, First Collection , which was published in Sporadic inspirations recorded on anything at hand constitute the substance of this collection of poems, and with the inclusion of essays, short stories, and vignettes, has earned for this second book the name Potpourri , a bouquet of diverse offerings by the impassioned seventy-five year- old writer.

Remnants and reflections of her own life, obviously lived to the fullest, are manifest in the compositions, with sensitivity and empathy for other lives and situations observed and recorded.


Psychological Short Story - Potpourri

Beauty, pathos, love, frustration, humor, and nature's majesty pervade the pages of this collection, and the depth of the poet's pocket, the original source of the majority of the items selected for both of the author's books, may determine how many other collections could possibly follow through to future publication.

The author has many earlier and recent individual compositions published in anthologies and literary journals. Author of 'The Fragile Thread Of Hope', an inspirational literary fiction based on love, loss, and family relationships.

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E-book available on Amazon: myBook. Hi Pankaj, I love poetry as a genre, and also because I, myself, am writing poems all the time. I have reviewed quite some debut authors with their poetry pieces up over on my blog. So my question is — do you know if the author is looking to give out review copies? Like Liked by 1 person.

A Potpourri Of Short Stories & Poems

Hi Asha. Thanks for the comment. And if you would like to read my book, I can provide you a review copy too. Please let me know. Like Like.

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Oh ok. No actually I was talking about my own novel — The Fragile thread of hope. If you want to read, I can send you an Amazon gift card for the e-book. You are commenting using your WordPress.