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LOL I can't really say much more about that without tipping you off on the story line but be prepared to be WOW'd And here's the best part So not only will the suspense of the plot keep you glued to your kindle, but so will the sinful erotic sexiness of the story. I couldn't wait to get to the end because i needed answers but yet I didn't want it to end because I didn't want some of the answers I will be waiting desperately for Brook's story Copy provided for blog tour review Jul 17, Liv rated it did not like it Shelves: never-ever-again , crime , ugh-why , contemporary-romance , a-tragic-case-of-instalove , dnf.

Jul 08, Tiffany Readz rated it really liked it Shelves: series-romance , stand-alone-romance , not-what-i-expected , mafia-romance. Whew, what a ride! I almost bailed on the priest, however needed to see this was all going to be said and done. That was the sexy, taboo, priest-regular person romance I was looking for, but didn't really get while reading Sin With Me. Instead, we get some heavy teasing with our priest and huge, messy, inter Whew, what a ride!

Instead, we get some heavy teasing with our priest and huge, messy, intertwined past with these characters. Both Kate and Cameron are in Pace, Arizona for a reason. It's obvious pretty quickly that they are there for the same reason, so I don't feel I am spoiling anything. In trying to learn more about thier separate pasts, they start to feel something towards each other.

While I like the angst and doubt they expressed, it started to get old pretty quickly. Somebody needed to make a move or I was going to throw in the towel, hot priest or not. That's when Lacey Silks started piling more background information on to thier story, making it convoluted as all get out. The book quickly changed from an "I'm in love with a priest" story, to a "Who are you, and where is it? There was so much going on in each of thier pasts, it was hard to keep track of at times. Good grief what a delightful mess. The book is well written and if you are looking for a taboo priest read, this isn't for you, however if you like a little romance, action and suspense with an annoying cliffhanger, grab it.

While the brother, Brook's story felt a little crowbarred in for the next book in the series, it peaked my interest and I definitely want to read it as well. Plus, it's the only way to find out what happens with Cam and Kate dang it. Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog. Jul 15, Kim rated it it was amazing. Can Father Cameron and Kate be more in sink with each other and them both not even know it?? When Kate has to leave her ailing mother's side to hide from the Cortez Cartel until it is safe to return..

The chemistry between Kate and Cam is sizzling even when they touch but.. I think I need to go to confession after finishing this installment!! I have to say I was a little nervous going in but the style of Lacey's writing makes you so comfortable after the first word you should run to get this book!!

Jul 17, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , favorite-authors , panty-droppin-books. I seriously loved this book!! Lacey has a way of making you fall into the book with no way of getting out. The characters are well written and are so interesting. Their pasts are so mixed up and crazy that you just want to know more but Lacey does not let you down. I am so exciteed to read more of this series!! Jul 17, Tina rated it did not like it.

I thought Run With Me was bad. This was worse. I almost DNF this book. I had to force myself to finish it. Awful dialog, badly written, meh characters, storyline was dragged out and unbelievable and what is with all the cliffhangers?!? The author added additional stories with this book but I have to be honest, I am not impressed with her writing enough to bother reading them. I feel like I wasted 3 days forcing myself to read this series. There are so many other better authors out there. I hones I thought Run With Me was bad. Lacey Silks must have a lot of friends and relatives who read her books.

I'm sorry but I will not be purchasing anymore of her books. Jul 04, SJ rated it it was amazing. I would definitely recommend reading Run with me the prequel before reading this book as it will make the book even more enjoyable and parts of it will make more sense Run with me is the first book I read by Lacey Silks. This is a fantastic story, you cannot help but get drawn in to emotion and lives of the characters. Well written, the chemistry between Kate and Father Cameron is electric from the start. There is plenty of drama and excitement in this story and it is full of twists and turns I would definitely recommend reading Run with me the prequel before reading this book as it will make the book even more enjoyable and parts of it will make more sense Run with me is the first book I read by Lacey Silks.

There is plenty of drama and excitement in this story and it is full of twists and turns. I was hooked reading this book, I really did not want to put it down.

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I do not have the words to tell you how great this book is and I very highly recommend it and I am so excited to read more by this truly talented writer, I would give it ten stars if I could! Jul 18, Sheri rated it really liked it. Kate knew that she had fine Jack Pace but she didn't expect it to be this hard. Something drew her to her mother's hometown and Kate just knew if she looked hard enough she could fine her answers. But the one thing she didn't expect to find was her greatest temptation Father Cameron. He was a Sex God, someone who made night appearances in Kate's dreams and consumed her every waken thought.

It he was a Priest, something that was a major "No,No" in Kate's religion. Plus if she got close to hi Kate knew that she had fine Jack Pace but she didn't expect it to be this hard. Plus if she got close to him, Cameron wood only serve as a distraction. Something Kate absolutely didn't need. Or did she? Cameron knew this small town held many secrets and he was determined to find answers to the questions he had. As a priest at the local church, he had excess to all the town's records and now that he met the sexy Kate his plans may take a detour.

How can one woman make him question everything? She consumes his mind and he just can't seem to stay away from her. Maybe with her help, Cameron can find his own answers and then go back home. Both Kate and Cameron soon start a friendship that is not only built on trust but lots and lots of sexual tension. Their relationship will be tested in so many ways and the outcome may shatter them both. Lines will get crossed, truths will be told and the meaning of "Family" will definitely change.

Sin with Me is the continuation of Run with me. It takes place about 30 years later and the characters are the children from Run with me. However the book can be read as a stand-alone, I highly suggest that the reader takes the time to read Run with Me. It would paints a much clearer picture of the events that both Kate and Cameron's parents went through. Also this book does end with a cliff hanger and provides the reader with a glimpse into the next book in the series. The supporting characters were phenomenal and their stories are totally open for the own spin off.

Act 7 Chamber of Sin

Total 4 star read. There are a few twists in this book that totally blindsided me. And the way the book ended was epic. This is definitely a series to pick up. Oct 16, Racy rated it it was amazing. Okay this book threw me for a loop. Yeah, have you ever read a book and thought you knew the direction it was going and the author threw a wrench in the story. Well that was the book. So as you are reading the story, know there are a few surprises along the way, which I loved.

It was good to see some of older characters of in this book as well. I just loved Kate. I can not imagine what it was like to find out the man you had the hots for was the new priest. I loved how she so openly flirted with Okay this book threw me for a loop. I loved how she so openly flirted with him even though she knew it. Father Cameron was super sexy. How many of you get turned on to read books like this were priest go bad. Oh yeah, me too. Kate was trying to solve a mystery with out letting the Cortez family know were she was at.

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She was in some defiant danger that is for sure. She had crossed the Cortez family and they would do their best to make her pay. Father Cameron has a lot of secrets. He is there on a secret mission as well. He to is trying to stay out of sight of the Cortez family. It was good to see the jealousy that it caused Cameron to see his brother flirting with Kate.

Things get hot and heavy between Kate and Father Cameron. The secrets they both have can destroy them. Favorite part of the story, well that is truly a hard one. So many I loved and some that knocked me almost out of my chair laughing so hard. The part I am going to put as my favorite I am going to have to word very carefully so my renew is not flagged. I am going to go with her in the woods spying on Father Cameron watching Father Cameron stroking himself. Yeah, super hot. Anyway this was a great story and glad I got a chance to read the book. So looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

What a messy whirlwind of a story. Taboo, forbidden, suspenseful, mysterious. Nothing — and nobody — is what it seems. Is it hot? Is it sinful? Heck, absolutely! And while I was complaining about the lack of romance in the prequel, this one had so much of it — and still it was the suspense, the secrets that kept me compelled throughout the whole ride. In hindsight I am really glad I picked it up beforehand. Watching the secrets — some of which I already knew — being revealed was thrilling to say the very least.

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I will not be going into the story in great detail, but I will say this: Be prepared to be shocked, because Father Cameron is all but your typical priest: He curses, he drinks and he lusts after a woman he cannot have. He is committed while questioning his own morals, but the attraction is becoming stronger each day and getting harder and harder to deny… You feel the crescendo coming, the passionate connection between them transforming to so much more than just illicit thoughts and lust, all while past and present collide and secrets are being spilled.

Buckle up for a deep and intense story — and for a cliffhanger that will have you begging for the continuation of the story.

Jul 10, Dora rated it it was amazing. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Wow—this book is an absolute gem! Hot, dirty, riveting and suspenseful! This book was impossible to put down and feasibly one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading this year. I wasn't expecting the turn this story just took; it has quite an unexpected surprise that is jaw-dropping good! Lacey Silk you did it with this twisted taboo, steamy, and suspenseful romance with deep and troubled characters. It has gruesome details; m I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

It has gruesome details; murder, mystery, intrigue, suspense, and erotic passion continue to keep you glued to the pages of this fascinating story. Like an addict, I slurped it up, and then craved another injection until the end of the book. Kate is in Pace after following a lead that she received from her ill mother. Father Cameron is not your typical priest because he drinks, curses, lusts for Kate, and he lets jealously rear its ugly head over a woman Kate but he struggles to do right by questioning his faith and morals.

When Kate meets Father Cameron, she is quite attracted to Father Cameron and the feeling is mutual with some sizzling chemistry that is off the chart hot!! This is one story I would like to see made into a movie. There are several twists and turns within the story that makes it interesting. The scenes are well written, fast-paced and flow smoothly from one scene to the next. The book will pique your interest and draw you in from the beginning to the very end. So do yourself a favor and buy the book or series, you will not be disappointed. Jul 16, Catherine Bibby Rochelle's Reviews rated it it was amazing.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I never pass up reading a Lacey Silks book and forbidden romance is kind of my thang. So when I get to partake of a suspenseful romance where a Priest falls for one of his parishioners. Camden and Kate are are full of secrets, scorching sex I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I never pass up reading a Lacey Silks book and forbidden romance is kind of my thang. Camden and Kate are are full of secrets, scorching sexual tension, and danger.

Kate may seem like a good Catholic girl but Father Camden soon finds out that there is more to her than meets the eye. I loved peeling back the layers and getting to know more about this heroine who finds herself spending more and more time in confessional about her sinful feelings for Father Camden. Father Camden is so much more than just his clerical collar and soon has Kate burning up in all her forbidden places and burrowing his way into her heart.

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