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Epitaphs and Epigrams. The Letters. The Common Place Books. Select Bibliography. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This Companion, designed as an authoritative biographical and critical guide to Burns, is in six sections. Part II looks at the Burnsian issues of religion, politics, philosophy, drink, drama and sex. Part III an essay on Burns as a poetic phenomenon, is sure to provoke debate about the relevance of Burns to his time and ours.

Part IV examines twenty-five poems, eighteen verse epistles and twenty-six songs as well as commenting on the letters, political ballads and Common Place Books.

Britain burns eighteenth century history of literature literature poetics poetry. The commemorative painted ceiling and other decorations were added in On the first floor is the vaulted Crown Room, built in to house the Honours of Scotland : the crown , the sceptre and the sword of state. To the south of the palace is the Register House, built in the s to accommodate state archives. The Great Hall measures 29 by Following Oliver Cromwell 's seizure of the castle in , the Great Hall was converted into a barracks for his troops; and in it was subdivided into three storeys to house soldiers.

It was then restored by Hippolyte Blanc in line with contemporary ideas of medieval architecture. To the south of the hall is a section of curtain wall from the 14th century with a parapet of later date. In the 16th century, this area housed the kitchens serving the adjacent Great Hall, and was later the site of the Royal Gunhouse.

It was designed by Captain Theodore Dury, military engineer for Scotland, who also designed Dury's Battery, named in his honour, on the south side of the castle in It stands on the site of the medieval St.

Mary's Church which was rebuilt in , and was converted into an armoury in It was demolished in , and the masonry reused to build a new North Barrack Block on the site. Construction began in , and the memorial was formally opened on 14 July by the Prince of Wales. The stained-glass windows are by Douglas Strachan. The memorial commemorates Scottish soldiers, and those serving with Scottish regiments , who died in the two world wars and in more recent conflicts. Upon the altar within the Shrine, placed upon the highest point of the Castle Rock, is a sealed casket containing Rolls of Honour which list over , names of those soldiers killed in the First World War.

After the Second World War, another 50, names were inscribed on Rolls of Honour held within the Hall, and further names continue to be added there. Edinburgh Castle is in the ownership of the Scottish Ministers as heads of the devolved Scottish Government. The castle is run and administered, for the most part, by Historic Environment Scotland , an executive agency of the Scottish Government, although the Army remains responsible for some areas, including the New Barracks block and the military museums.

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Both Historic Environment Scotland and the Army share use of the Guardroom immediately inside the castle entrance. Historic Environment Scotland undertakes the dual tasks of operating the castle as a commercially viable tourist attraction , while simultaneously bearing responsibility for conservation of the site.

Edinburgh Castle remains the most popular paid visitor attraction in Scotland, with over 1. An educational centre in the Queen Anne Building runs events for schools and educational groups, and employs re-enactors in costume and with period weaponry. Direct administration of the castle by the War Office came to an end in , and in the Army formally moved to the city's new Redford Barracks. Nevertheless, the castle continues to have a strong connection with the Army, and is one of the few ancient castles in Britain that still has a military garrison, albeit for largely ceremonial and administrative purposes.

Public duties performed by the garrison include guarding the Honours of Scotland , and armed sentries stand watch at the Gatehouse outside opening hours. The basis of each performance is a parade of the massed pipes and drums of the Scottish regiments , and since its inception in the tattoo has developed a complex format which includes a variety of performers invited from around the world, although still with a largely military focus. The climax of the evening is the lone piper on the castle battlements, playing a pibroch in memory of dead comrades-in-arms, followed by massed bands joining in a medley of traditional Scottish tunes.

The tattoo attracts an annual audience of around , people, and is broadcast in some 30 countries to a television audience estimated at million.

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The One O'Clock Gun is a time signal , fired every day at precisely one p. It complemented the ' Time Ball ', which was installed on the Nelson Monument in , but was useless as a visual signal in foggy weather. The original gun was an pound muzzle-loading cannon, which needed four men to load, and was fired from the Half Moon Battery. This was replaced in by a pound breech-loader , and in May by a pound Howitzer. Although the gun is no longer required for its original purpose, the ceremony has become a popular tourist attraction.

The castle has become a recognisable symbol of Edinburgh, and of Scotland. It also features on the badge of No. It also appears on the " Castle series " of Royal Mail postage stamps , and has been represented on various issues of banknotes issued by Scottish clearing banks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Edinburgh Castle disambiguation. Edinburgh Castle stands at the head of the Old Town.

Edinburgh Castle. Main article: Castle Rock, Edinburgh. See also: Prehistoric Scotland and Castle of Maidens. Further information: Scotland in the High Middle Ages.

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Corporal Archer and the Siege of Vicksburg. Jon Howard Hall. Simple Story Of A Soldier. Samuel W. The Battle of Pilot Knob.

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