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Law and gospel in the liturgical setting is where I am comfortable. The corrupt and the counterfeit push aside the whole concept of cross bearing in favor of a joy without it. Fake Christianity offers the Christian an imitation of Christ's glory in heaven, not of his humiliation on earth. The phony and the artificial church turns worship into a spiritual happy hour devoid of repentance, with cheap absolution, with no thought of taking God seriously in either the law or the gospel.

And people love it. I would like to second Pastor Boehringer's suggestion to read Prof. Deutschlander's "The Theology of the Cross. It is an excellent exposition of this crucial doctrine, and it is also very accessible. I would also suggest reading Robert Koester's, "Law and Gospel," which explains the theological issues that come with the Church Growth Movemement.

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Wednesday, June 2, President's Report - Amen! The final will be held on March 15th in Columbia. Sacred Heart Parish is staffed by Fr.

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Such a travesty. Perhaps we should start one. One for breakfast, one for dinner, one for evening meal. Krauth is not as well known in our circles as he could be or should be. His battles with the revivalism of early American Lutheranism can teach us much today.


Law And Gospel

Methinks I might have it on my Kindle. Brother William, I thought Richard was the one J. Perhaps I am wrong. I recall hearing you say that once several years ago. You might check with the Fort to see if they still have it available.

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Brother Robert, thanks for the tip. I have found volume one this way but not volume two. I did find volume 2 at the Library at Concordia in Seward. One day I hope to find a set and purchase them for myself… and I hope they smell really old.