Tweet Treats: The Most Hilarious Twitter Tweets Ever!

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Robert Lien Pettersen. A Man Walks Into a Bar 3.

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Jonathan Swan. Judith Holder. Victoria, Cat and catflapjack. David Elvar. Aaron Gillies. The Broken World of Online Dating. Lisa Harris. Ireland: Memories of our Childhood. FC Maeila. Life's Too Short. Grace Saunders. The Life Of Blogs. Dominic Leslie. Chin Up Britain. How not to run the same Hotel. Harry Pope. The Meaning of Larf. Philip J Bradbury. Jim Chumley. Barney Hegarty.

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Mothers and Daughters. Joan Sauers. Strain Your Gherkins. Andrea Powell. The Unmumsy Mums. The Unmumsy Mum. Fifty ' Odd ' Poems. Neil Davies.

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Mum Please Help Me. Dermot Fox. The Knob Test. Mark Kent. Random Thoughts. Chris Corcoran. What Rhymes with Bastard? Linda Robertson. Linda McDermott. Diary Of The Tweople.

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Bad Mother's Revenge. Sonia Neale. Waterloo-City, City-Waterloo. Leanne Shapton. Kate Young. The Man In The Mirror. M G Sinclair. Glad to be Grey. Clive Whichelow. Musings Amusing. Rosemary Bach-Holzer. Mosey Jones. Graham Walker. Pam Larkins. Death by Teenager. Please Forward. Lynne Gleason. PIG and the Fancy Pants. Barbara Catchpole. Instant Posh.

One fine day

The Wind Up Merchant. After Suicide. Charlotte Underwood. So You're 70! Mike Haskins. The Aargh to Zzzz of Parenting. Joanna Simmons. It's been said, by HouseBeautiful , this is the world's ugliest color. We quite enjoy it. Have more laugh here: Twitter Facebook.

As for hilarious social media content, Old Spice is the classic out of the classics. It really takes courage for a business organization to leave safe and predictable corporate jargon zone and play on more adventurous and witty notes. Old Spice is not i n any way lacking in courage for pushing the boundaries with their funny — often ridiculous and ironic — marketing content.

You will definitely know what I mean, after seeing these tweets and Facebook updates the first and the last one are my favorite :. No one ever talks about adventure on the low seas. Self-confidence begins with?

And ends with? Never skip tongue day pic. Their social media content is pretty much all about food but wrapped up nicely in an everyday-situation-context, which makes it relevant and easy to relate to. Have a look at these jokingly crafted social media examples:. Best times to eat pizza rolls: — when ur sad — when ur happy — when ur just kinda whatever — any other time also.

Funniest Tweets Ever Ft. DangMattSmith

Fun trick: next time your friend yawns stick a pizza roll in his mouth it'll startle him at first but then he'll be thankful. This list would not be completed without Taco Bell. Have a look at these tweets:. Let's play a game called you bring me Taco Bell and I eat it. Don't buy that girl a drink.

Twitter now lets users appeal violations within its app – TechCrunch

Buy her Taco Bell. Girls deserve Taco Bell. Another top ranking brand as to the use of humor in content marketing and probably one of the best-known cookies on social media. Do you remember the stunning real-time marketing stunt during the Super Bowl? The level of the followers engagement you can see underneath the tweet says it all. Take a look at other tweets created in response to major the worldwide events like the Mars Rover Landing or the birth of Prince George:. This often takes a form of funny comments exchanged between the brands.

Have a look at a hilarious dialogue with Motorola initiated with this video:. Motorola Treat yourself to an OreoCookie for inventing that phone. Never underestimate the power of visual communication on social media. Skittles, a fruit-flavoured sweets brand, has probably learned that lesson a long time ago as they are doing an amazing job on social accounts with custom, attention-grabbing graphics that in fact are something in between graphics and cartoons. Have a look at the series of these tweets:. Mummies love me. Not sure why. Never figured out how they get the Skittles into their mouths.

TasteTheRainbow pic.

Never mind how they became best friends. The point is they are now. NationalBestFriendsDay squadgoals pic. Hope your tastebuds have been doing pushups. Sour Skittles don't play. Any beer lovers here? Miller Lite, also known simply as Lite, is a pale lager brand and one of these rare and precious social media marketing cases that prove you can do a fantastic job at social selling with not a single mention of selling itself. Miller Lite delights their fans with a sense of humor that is very well-balanced and straight to the point.

We've got 99 problems, but we'll deal with them later. Raise a beer to the man that raised you. If there? We have half a mind to just leave for the bar. The other half is already there.