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The first guest for the day was Mr. Dandige shared his experience of working in a high-powered consulting career.

How To Spend More Time Finding Solutions, Not Faults

He stressed on the importance of leading by example, and the necessity of being a strong communicator. Following the session, Mr. Patel shared a number of insightful case studies where the right ideas or decisions turned around the entire operations of an organization.

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The final keynote address for the day was by Mr. Abhijeet Chaudhary, an industry expert having vast knowledge in consultancy projects in the manufacturing sector. Chaudhary delivered a riveting session on the nitty-gritties of consulting as a profession.

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Through examples, he explained how the right solution can be even a simple idea, and how that simple idea can transform the entire company. The keynote addresses were followed by a panel discussion with Mr. The panel discussed a variety of topics oriented around consultancy as a profession. They spoke about how consulting is often visualized as a glamourous job, but like each job it comes with its disadvantages as well.

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ZENESYS Workshop By Mr. Karan Ahuja

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